University for the Creative Arts   2008/2009

Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall is an artist who currently lives in Tankerton, in Kent.

My arts practice comprises of paintings in oil, alongside which, I make wearable garments in fabric. I use colour intensely in my paintings through the process of repeat pattern. In contrast to this my fabric draping is figurative and delicate with a lyrical and poetic hand in style.

My proposal submission was to continue my work on a bound artist book of acrylic painted pattern cut outs. This book is called 'waiting room' and is about the process of fabric draping in an exploratory form of slow movement. I research my work through garment pattern drawing and by painting oil canvas plates which are arranged within a structural frame. This work is a way of exploring human spatial identity.

In my practice my aspiration is to make or paint the 'same over again'. It is therefore significant that when I use a brush, the brushwork and how that develops becomes really important. Using two colours as well, helps to really slow my process down completely.

During the AA2A Scheme at University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury I had the opportunity to complete artwork to a high standard and to technical archival specifications. My finished artist book is complete and image ready for development into a publication as a visual CD book-set.

Photographer: the artist

'Waiting Room 2009'
Acrylic on Canvas Board - 180mm-250mm

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Susan is exhibiting with fellow AA2A Artists in the Atrium Space at UCA Canterbury from 27th April - 1st May 2009.