Bolton Institute   2001/2002

Sue Platt

My time as an AA2A artist at Bolton Institute Printmaking Department enabled me to produce prints of a much larger format than I could in my own studio. I found this quite liberating, as for six years since completing my degree, I only had access to a small etching press and was used to working in a 'bubble' in my studio.

This gave me the freedom to experiment with techniques with out being precious about materials and paper. I also had access to the etching facilities, which enabled me to work on a series of prints that combined a number of techniques, monoprints, collagraphs, etching, lino and Chine Colle. The printmaking technicians were very supportive and eager to encourage students to work alongside me in their own time. After working in isolation it is refreshing to be able to discuss the work in a supportive atmosphere. The print process was used as a way of exploring the 3 dimensionality of my sculpture and transforming it into 2 dimensions.

I see my work as an untamed thing that continually transforms and grows, taking new directions and ideas, evolving along the way, taking me with it. I am energised and intrigued by what I discover, by my new responses in terms of materials and techniques the work draws from me. The processes that I developed as an AA2A artist are ongoing. The end result is a series of up to a seventy large scale, combination prints of varying dimensions and imagery. I donít produce editions,'just very loose' series of prints, so each one is unique.

It was an invigorating experience and a very exciting and liberating process which I found extremely worthwhile.


'Bare Earth'
monoprint - 56 x 35cm

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