London Metropolitan University   2006/2007

Rebecca Jewell

The AA2A residency gave me a great opportunity to explore ideas and techniques in print-making that I had been wanting to develop for a long time.

Working with the collections from the Pacific islands held in the British Museum, I have been able to perfect a method of mono-printing using real feathers and collage. The work is about re-investing images with original materials, as well as exploring themes of representation and interpretation of museum collections, and most recently I have begun a series of etchings about the repatriation of material.

I have been able to try mezzotint and photo-copy etching, both new techniques for me, under the guidance f the expert tutors in the print-room. The residency enabled me to meet and work with a community of artists in an educational and stimulating environment. It has been a hugely productive and enjoyable year.

Photographer: Mike Row

monoprint on digital image on Somerset paper - size A1

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