University of Salford   2002/2003

Lorraine Berry

I like to produce work that responds to a specific location, drawing on the character of the site to add additional layers of meaning. My work is primarily concerned with memory and a sense of time and place. The work is very diverse but usually contains an element of optical illusion or some element that challenges the viewer's perception and visual awareness. Often the pieces are very subtle, engaging the viewer through an element of discovery.

While undergoing the Salford AA2A, I produced and exhibited an installation at the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk. This piece consisted of an 8x8 foot walk-in cube containing an illusion of infinite space (as in stars). This piece has recently received funding from the Arts Council for further development.

My work uses illusion and visual awareness to challenge the viewer's perception of what is real. I often work site specifically because the location by its very nature adds another level of reality to the work, the idea of something else going on, that we may or may not be aware of.

Photographer: unknown

White porcelain vessel

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